Supplies - Freshness is our business

Taking advantage of its unique geographical position, Saladexpress buys from producers located in Montérégie. A member of Aliments du Québec, the company favours buying locally. During winter, for example, when the weather is colder, we use U.S. suppliers. However, some vegetables such as cabbage are available all year round. Whatever their origin, the vegetables received each day are carefully inspected by our Quality Control team to ensure they are up to consumer expectations and our standards of production.

Manufacturing process - It’s in the bag

Saladexpress prepares fresh vegetables for you. The heart, stems and outer leaves of the vegetables are first removed during trimming. They are then cut according to given specifications and then washed as required. Vegetables that retain more soil residues, such as salad, are cleaned three times, the strictest standard in the industry. Finally, the products are dried, packed in a breathable film adapted to their oxygen needs and subjected to a metal detector.

Traceability – From a vegetable garden to your taste buds

Saladexpress uses the FSSC 22000 control system of food safety, following the highest standards to maintain strict control of it's raw materials. Thus, the packaging and containers of all our products display an expiry or processing date. In some cases, the time of production is also shown. Traceability and safety of your vegetables are guaranteed, which is not the case for those sold in bulk. Our products are free from contamination until the opening of their bags.

FSSC 22000 – Food safety

Saladexpress is certified FSSC 22000 since 2011. The certification is issued by the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (BNQ).

For Saladexpress, food safety is a global concern, not only because of the importance for public health, but also because of its impact on international trade. Effective and harmonized food safety systems shall manage and ensure the safety and suitability of food in each link of the supply chain and this is on what Saladexpress is working every day.

This recognition confirms the engagenent of the company to respect and uphold the highest standards in terms of food safety assurance. The FSSC 22000 certification mission is to be a certification protocol for overall food security, independent and approved by GFSI, and for the whole supply chain.

Be assured that all products we provide are produced according to good manufacturing practices and FSSC 22000 standards.

Cold chain – A conservation issue

The cold chain must be maintained from the beginning to the end of the transformation process, until the use of vegetables, to prevent the proliferation of microbial flora. If the cold chain is broken, the products are rapidly deteriorating, the bags inflate, the salad leaves become rusty or black and viscosity settles. The temperature of the plant where raw materials arrive, of the warehouses and the delivery trucks is always from 2° C to 4° C.