Saladexpress enters into a strategic partnership with European agri-food leader Agrial

Saladexpress enters into a strategic partnership with European agri-food leader Agrial and announces a modernization project

Saladexpress Inc., a Québec vegetable processing company, announces its partnership with new investor Agrial, a major French agriculture and agri-food cooperative.

“This partnership, the first of its size for Agrial in Québec, will be mutually beneficial,” explains Sylvain Racette, CEO of Saladexpress. “We’re currently laying the groundwork for growth. This requires an investment to boost factory productivity and maintain and even increase our workforce.”

According to Bertrand Totel, director of Agrial’s Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Division, “By partnering with a local leader, we’re helping the expansion of a Québec business. Combining Agrial’s expertise and Saladexpress’s market knowledge allows Agrial to establish a foothold in a growing market while providing Saladexpress with a partner that has well-known brands popular with consumers.”

Agrial’s Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Division is a European leader in fresh fruits and vegetables and includes the brands Florette, in the ready-to-use fruits and vegetables segment, Priméale, in the fresh fruits and vegetables segment and Créaline, in the fresh purées and soups segment.


Modernizing the Saint-Rémi factory

The first plan under this new partnership is to implement a modernization project for the factory, which already has HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification.

Always up to date on market trends and developments in technology in order to offer high-quality, innovative products, Saladexpress currently has 120 employees among its Saint-Rémi factory workers, management team and office staff.


About Saladexpress

Saladexpress Inc., a vegetable processing company, first took root in 1989 in Saint-Rémi, Montérégie, in the heart of a true vegetable heaven. Saladexpress is now a Québec leader in the transformation of pre-sliced salads and vegetables and also operates in Ontario and the Maritimes, offering a variety of innovative products and premium quality, fresh and preservative-free foods that are ready to cook or eat. The company is committed to promoting sustainable agriculture by selecting locally sourced foods and using natural and energy-efficient processing methods.


About Agrial

Agrial is a farming and food cooperative that supports its farming members every day, processing and selling their productions in the dairy, fresh vegetables and fruit, beverages and meat sectors. Together, its 13,000 members and 22,000 employees embody a supportive and efficient model, faithful to its history and culture. In 2017, the Group generated 5.5 billion euros in turnover.

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