Our expertise



Our commitment to customer satisfaction runs the gamut “from field to plate”: every step in processing, research and development and packaging is carried out according to the highest standards, enthusiastically and professionally. Saladexpress never hesitates in its efforts to provide ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook vegetables that are unmatched for freshness!


We’re located deep in veggie heaven, and we have access to a multitude of freshly harvested local vegetables and ingredients. Our many partnerships with local vegetable producers provide us with an assured supply of local vegetables that meet our high quality and freshness standards. Since many of the vegetables used in our products can be stored for the winter, we process local vegetables almost all year round. We closely monitor their freshness at all times, in the field or the warehouse, after packaging and during delivery.


Saladexpress is deeply rooted in the Québec landscape, but it’s also a springboard for Groupe Agrial’s Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Division and the development of its signature brands in North America. This strategic alliance strengthens our leadership position as a processor of fresh vegetables by adding the savoir-faire of a cooperative that has over 60 fruit and vegetable production and processing sites around the world. The Division’s vegetable production sites also become a valuable asset to meet our needs for raw materials when the local season is over.



We know fresh vegetables! That’s why we make it a point of honour to preserve their integrity, whether we’re looking at colour, taste, texture or nutritional value, in all our recipes and products. Besides playing with flavours and cuts to develop peerless culinary experiences, our Research and Development Division is constantly updating our handy packaging to extend product life. Our goal of zero vegetable waste is central to all our recent developments, where upgrading and maximizing raw materials as part of a circular economy is a constant source of inspiration to create appetizing, heathy and sensible food combinations.


Fresh vegetables are naturally tasty, but once they’re cut up it’s quite a challenge to preserve their virtues until they’re consumed at home or in a restaurant. To maximize the freshness of our vegetables and mimic as best we can the cutting and rinsing that would take in a kitchen, we use only natural processing methods and avoid artificial preservatives. The technology behind our innovative packaging is also a great help in keeping our products as fresh as nature itself. We invest regularly to modernize our facilities and reduce the energy consumption of our equipment. We recently started up a new high-tech production line for washing cut lettuce. We pamper our vegetables from cutting to washing, and from packaging to delivery.


All during processing, we apply rigorous controls and a strict biosecurity and food safety program in order to keep our prepared vegetables fresh and guarantee healthy products. The protocol governing our FSSC 22000 certification includes more requirements on top of current industry standards to guarantee the integrity and effectiveness of our food safety system. A qualified team is assigned to product quality control on each production shift and ensures that best practices are followed. Numerous ongoing internal tests are also part of the control plan for the main pathogens, water quality in the washing stations and the cleanliness of the packaging lines. We were also among the first food industries in North America to add a high-care zone to our facilities, limiting any possible contamination of our vegetables from the time they are washed until they are bagged.



Our processing plant is strategically located just 30 minutes from the American border with the State of New York and near major Canadian highways, so we can easily ship our products to Ontario, the northeastern US and major cities in the Atlantic Provinces in under 48 hours, from order to delivery. We have our own fleet of refrigerated trucks and our facilities have easily accessible loading docks. We’re connected both to Québec gardens and to major cities in eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, putting us in the right place to respond to all our clients’ requests and support their growth.


The strength of our wide network of vegetable producers, conscientious employees, ultramodern cutting facilities where we cut, process and refrigerate our products, financial partners, efficient transporters and experienced distributors is based on sharing ideas, on initiative and on creativity. These constructive, respectful relationships encourage us to focus our joint efforts on consumer satisfaction, the welfare of local communities and responsible food solutions that will profit future generations.